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Learning Resources

Git Repos

Paper3D – Unreal Engine Project Snippets

Godot Tutorials – Free Godot Programming Tutorials

Websites – A great resource on OpenGL that does an excellent job of walking you through various rendering techniques. – An extensive and up to date resource for all things Unreal Engine.

GDquest YouTube Channel – One of the best sources of useful Godot tutorials.


The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses

book-of-lensesThis is an excellent book covering a broad range of game design topics. It starts off by defining what a game really is and goes all the way through different design elements finishing with what it’s like working in different roles within the industry. The focus is all about changing your perspective while looking at a game’s design. If you are looking for a reference to keep by your desk this is it. 

Real-Time Rendering

book-realtime-rendering.jpgThe ultimate reference when it comes to rendering techniques. If you are looking for in depth coverage of modern rendering techniques then look no further.

I highly recommend.

Game Programming Patterns

book-programming-patternsThis is an interesting read if you are looking for ideas on how to apply a few common programming patterns to your games. I don’t condone overusing programming patterns and prefer feeling out some architectures before shoving them into a tightly defined pattern. Nonetheless, the author does a good job of outlining some strengths and weaknesses of the patterns discussed.

Clean Code

book-clean-codeThis is a classic. It can often come across a little preachy and is heavily Java-centric.

But for the most part it offers solid advice on keeping your code clean so that you don’t leave a mess of things for the people who need to maintain your code later.