Photographer: LS Paul Berry

Caption:An Australian Light Armoured Vehicle along with soldiers from the 1st Mentoring Task Force take part in a range practice to the rear of their base in Deh Rawood, southern Afghanistan.

Mid Caption:
Mentoring Team Delta (MT-D), part of the 1st Mentoring Task Force (MTF-1), began operations in the Deh Rawood area, west of Tarin Kowt in early July 2010.

Operations in the Deh Rawood Valley Region became part of MTF-1 responsibilities that synchronised with the drawdown of Dutch forces in Uruzgan Province.

Two patrol bases have become home to the soldiers of MT-D with the movement of stores, equipment and supplies, and the establishment of security points a priority in the early stages.

MT-D will mentor Afgahnistan National Army soldiers in the Deh Rawood Region under an effective partnered mentoring program applied by all MTF-1 mentoring teams.