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LCSS - Canadian Army Communications Network Testing

I worked for 2 years as an Integration and Test engineer on providing final stage product testing for the new Canadian Army communications network equipment. My team was the last of the line in the product life cycle before approval for release to the Canadian Army. As part of my work I participated in many field trials alongside soldiers performing simulated combat scenarios. During these trials my team and I collected feedback and relevant data to take back to the developers to improve the end product.

The Canadian Army networking environment involves hundreds of connected vehicles, multiple levels of connected headquarters and various other combat groups that require special communication methods. When combined, the entire army forms an extremely complicated network architecture that must be working reliably in order to provide support to soldiers in the field. My work was directly involved in testing the networking architecture as a whole to discover and resolve issues that arose due to the complex nature of the problem.

The technical aspects of my work involved:
Setting up and maintaining a lab containing hundreds of simulated vehicles, headquarters, and special communication scenarios.
Developing tools for automated tests and lab status visualization using Python and Bash.
Creating an API that provides multi-threaded access to existing lab infrastructure using Python.
Debugging complex networking issues at all levels of the Canadian Army tactical communications.
Developing and performing test cases and procedures to ensure product reliability in the field.

“A highly integrated tactical system composed of communication, networking and information management sub-systems, LCSS is part of every Canadian Army vehicle, weapon platform and headquarters; comprising hardware, firmware and software from our MESHnet v6 product line. The LCSS provides the Canadian Armed Forces with the highly integrated command and control communications system they need.” – General Dynamics Mission Systems Canada

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